Friday, October 07, 2005


Hiak.. I finally bought a new mp3 player.. :) Ipod 20GB colour.. Yeah !! and it's called Rosypod.. Yah.. it's a 'gal' pod.. :P all started with est calling her pod Spidy.. Hee...
After much thinking, I think Apple's a better deal than H10.. even though the whole package comes up to $150 more.. (ouch).. There're also more available options to increase its functions.. I hope she won't fail within a year.. :P Been spending the past 2 nites arranging my mp3s in itunes.. not very familiar with how it works cos' I just used drag and drop previously.. :P

Yeah.. will be taking a short break to Bangkok in mid nov.. i think quite confirmed lah.. :D Heard lots about the shopping there.. Hee.. ok, I won't shop for anything here from now till then.. :)

Looking forward to sawang this weekend.. :)


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