Thursday, August 04, 2005

Last weekend..

Last weekend's sawang trip was good.. :) Indeed, every single trip is different !! We can plan everything to our best but ultimately God leads and after the trip, you cannot help but be in awe at the way things turn out.. :) Just gotta be prepared and expect the unexpected.. !! God just took care of every single and smallest detail.. the rain, the weather, the visitations, the lesson and most of all the worship session !! Learnt a lot about worship from the past 2 trips.. about how powerful praise and worship makes a difference.. about how we are in a spiritual battle but we just have to worship and enthrone God with all our hearts and He will fight the battle for us cos' the victory is already His.. :) 2 Chronicles 20:15-29.. Very exciting.. am starting to read a book on worship as well.. :P And also I was hoping to see the kids that won't present on my last trip and they came.. :D


At 9:15 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

EHHH never post ur act cute picture... Lolz...


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