Thursday, August 18, 2005


Heehee.. haven't been blogging for ages.. sorries.. :P Hmm.. last post - new hair-do.. maybe spending too much time trying to keep hair in place.. (not!) :P But it's something new.. got a number of positive comments that it looks better than straight hair.. :P Only downside for me - it makes quite a big difference whether it's styled and twirled properly or just left to dry, the latter results in frizzy looking hair.. :S So need to wake up earlier every morning now.. !! Also, permed hair is not very 'sawang friendly'... the weather feels extra hot in it.. :S

Guess been rather busy last week.. preparing for last weekend's sawang trip, doing CWMC homework, catching up on some readings, on MC and also preparing for Techshowcase at work.. Manned the techshowcase booth demo the past 2 days.. quite tiring to be standing most of the time.. well, at least I was excused from presenting, thanks to my stubborn(x2) cough which got worse after the weekend.. :S It's quite bad cos' it gets worse at night and when I just enter an air-con area.. The coughing fit can last a few mins and ends with tears in the eyes.. :'( Hope it goes away soon !!

We painted the church at Tg Batu last weekend.. :D Nice, exciting, bright colours.. I'm sure the kids will be very happy to see it.. :) So cheery and it'll def look even nicer when everything is done up properly.. :) Feels good to see that everyone is working hard to put this together.. be it availing to physically go over and help paint or working hard on the fund-raising here.. :D Yeah.. !! God is good.. :)


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