Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thankful.. :)

So many things to thank God for this weekend.. :) Firstly, that He brought us all safely back today.. The ferry ride home from Sawang was terribly choppy.. Think there was a storm at sea. Intially it just felt a bit worse than normal and it woke us up from our sleep. I was still joking that it was going to be a 2hr theme park ride.. almost immediately after I said that, there was this strong urge to start praying instead.. oopps.. :P Then 5 mins later, things got really bad. The lights went off, the 2 kids onboard started crying fearfully and I could myself 'flying' up the seat when the ferry hit a huge wave... there was fear cos' you don't really know what to expect next.. but as we prayed in spirit, could feel the peace of God within.. :) that He is in control of all things.. and that He will calm the sea and will watch over us... :) So glad that things didn't get any worse..

Also very thankful for the sawang trip this weekend.. Time just seems to be multiplied there and you feel like you can do a lot of things over 2 days.. :) The games session on sat afternoon was good, the kids enjoyed themselves much.. :) The children's CE and worship on sunday were good too.. Yeah !! So glad that the prayers and hard work were all paid off.. :D God will empower us as we step out in faith and say we want to avail ourselves for His works.. :)

Try to post some photos later... Very sleepy now.. and I still feel as if I'm drifting in the sea.. :D


At 1:05 am, Blogger Patrick said...

Wa so exciting sia... Too bad i can't go... =( Hmm i guess photos must wait untill tomolo liao... I guess u must be ZZZZZzzzzz


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