Saturday, July 16, 2005


Was quite set on going to perm my hair today.. not maggi mee curly, just wavy.. It's just something you want to do but dun have the guts to, but if you dun do, you will never know how it will turn out and you want to know how it will turn out.. Hahaha... It's one of those things... But anyway, I didn't get down to it today. Will definitely do it another day lah.. :D

Met up to discuss some plans for the upcoming sawang trip and also attend the bahasa language class for the first time.. Not that bad, except for the fact that I didn't understand anything.. :P Not bad cos' it wasn't overwhelming.. only learnt single words today.. Doesn't look too foreign cos' at least it's still in alphabets. :P Just need effort to put the words to memory.. Hmm... easier said..?? :D


At 11:27 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

Hmm... u wanna do curl but i think of rebond leh... What do u think if i do rebonding Lolz...


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