Thursday, July 28, 2005

one week..

Been a week since I last posted something.. :P Well, I did try but the connection got cut off and the post went with it.. too lazy to redo.. :P
Met up with Laura (JC classmate) on Mon nite.. Had a good time catching up with her since we only meet once in a long long time.. Chatted a bit on what we are doing and have been doing.. Got a chance to share with her about the sawang trips.. which got her interested and started asking some questions.. :D We went on to talk abt JC times.. It's quite funny how she used to be the teacher's nightmare but is now an excellent teacher herself.. :D and goodness, that was 10 years ago.. ! :( I guess it's about there.. I got an email at work today.. notifying that I will be getting a long service award in 2 weeks time.. yikes..!! yes.. 5 years.. Doesn't feel like 5 years, but thinking back and counting the number of different projects, I think have lah.. :P


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