Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Work + some thots..

Going back to work wasn't too bad.. It's a relatively easy period at the mmt cos' we are in the midst of waiting for some projects to start so there's quite ample time to complete whatever there is at hand.. Good and bad I guess.. or rather 'enjoy while you can'.. My colleague is due for ML any time, quite excited for her and how her baby will look like :) but I foresee her absence will just coincide with the start of the projects.. :S Will definitely have to help cover her stuff.. No doubt abt that.. but it's not the first time anyway...
Was practising guitar yesterday and decided to make a compilation of the chords learnt and used in the songs that I tried to play so far... Think in this way, it will be forgotten less easily... :P Linked the file on the right hand side of this page... CD, EFG and AB.. :) Hopefully, it gets updated regularly.. :P A new sheet can also be created at
ChordGuide.. Kinda miss the guitar playing sessions at camp.. it got quite 'addictive'.. and practising in a group is really more effective and it encourages one another too... :D Heehee..


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