Sunday, June 19, 2005


Weekends always pass by quickly.. But at least these days, it's already slightly longer with the 5-day work week.. :D Excellent move.. :)

Met the gals for sat lunch - briefing for HC's wedding next sat.. jie-mei duties.. Think the last time we all met up, it's was for another wedding.. I guess this will just repeat itself a few more times... :P It will be fun.. except the waking-up early part and the thot of dressing up for dinner after a whole day out.. :S Hee.. excuse to look for a new dress and go on a one-week diet..

Today, Alan and Victor got water-baptised.. :) Congrats !! :) The beach looked extra crowded today and as the other people around watched on, it felt good.. It was really like Alan and Victor publicly declaring that they want to make that stand to follow Jesus.. :) Got more baptism photos at EM2photos..

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