Thursday, June 23, 2005

Too picky..

Sigh.. Feel like kicking myself hard for being too picky.. Yesterday I found the almost perfect white dress for the jie-mei duties this sat but it had a little brown-green spot on it which I was afraid might not come off... So decided to try the other outlets after work and before guitar class today... BUT they didn't have the size anymore.. :'( Quite upset... :( The dresses I tried to borrow also didn't fit well.. Only one day more and it's almost impossible to squeeze time out to look for another dress tomo.. Backup plan - describe the dress to my sis later and ask/beg her to get it for me.. Yes, I'm going to settle for the one with the little, now tiny spot.. After all the running-about, I promise not to be picky/fussy anymore... :S So silly.. really hoping hard tat it's still there..!!

Other than the silly dress, the rest of the day went on quite well.. Had our last guitar lesson just now.. Next module starts in two weeks time.. :) Also paid up for the keyboard lessons that I have been considering to take.. Really really feel like taking but was wondering if it's too much of a challenge to try and do two things at one go.. Anyway, now that it's paid for, no more wavering liao.. :D It'll be fun.. :)


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