Saturday, June 04, 2005

Start of leave.. :)

The week-long leave is finally here.. :) Thank God that my boss was in a surprisingly good mood the whole of yesterday.. prob carried from his 2-day rest the day before.. :P He even asked me to enjoy myself next week and whether I was excited abt goin on a 'holiday' again !! Hmm... :P
Met my cousin at orchard today.. She will be returning back to Aust this Tues for good.. decided to accompany her for lunch and last-min shopping... but it was super crowded in town ! Almost everything's on sale cos' of GSS but really, the crowds put one off.. :( Oh well, save $$ after recent HK damage and coming KL one.. :P
Bought only one thing today - a bilingual bible.. fully justified :) hopefully to be able to use the right terms when speaking in chinese next time... :)


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