Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sleepy.. ;P

Been some time since I last blogged.. catching up on sleep... Didn't get the usual extra sleep last weekend.. :P But time really flies when you are busy with stuff.. it's already thurs tomo and another weekend is coming... The coming weekends will be very 'sawang'.. either with preps for the trips or on the trips itself.. :D It will be exciting/interesting to see what God does through this whole process as we take up the challenges.. to refocus, to enlarge and to fast and pray... :)

Managed to get only one nice photo from HC's wedding last sat and not all the jie-meis are in it.. the rest of the pics weren't very nice and din managed to take many cos' everytime we prepare to stand in a pose, the photographer comes running along and uses his camera for the shot... :S I just hope we get to see the photos... :P

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At 2:19 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

Ya man... Time really fast sia, today thursday liao... Tommorow is cell liao... Can see everyone very tired... Especially seeing u sleeping in the seminar... The rest of them also like cannot make it liao... Lolz... But really touched to see everyone so eager... =) All the best in the Sawang trip... Too bad i can't go this time... =(

At 4:45 pm, Blogger gwen said...

Nvr mind, will hv opportunity next time.. =) Can still join us in preps & prayer.. then we update ya when back.. :D
Sigh.. what's worse than sleeping at the seminar - being caught sleeping at the seminar by Patrick... Argghhhh... =(

At 1:49 am, Blogger Patrick said...

Will try to come for the preperations... But no confirms cos got DreamCars Asia Motorshow... =)Lucky i knock off earlier and had power nap at home 1st before the Seminar... If not i think i confirm sleep liao...


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