Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More abt church camp..

Nice pic of church camp site.. :) Was checking whether the rooms have hair-dryers.. Ok, sounds abit silly.. Wasn't attempting to bring one lah.. just wanted to know.. :D Anyway, have lor.. :P
Image hosted by
Just learnt that one of my uncles (mum's bro) might be joining the camp on the last 2 days.. very last min decision but encouraging.. He just got saved on my Dad's last fishing trip - a few weeks ago.. :) Amazing how God works, they been talking to him for some time and then it just happened there.. :)

Found another way of posting photos on the blog -
Fotoflix.. Think the pics will appear as a slide show in one frame, just link when done.. Looks quite neat and post won't be too lengthy.. :P But I guess it'll take quite long to load if there are too many pics.. Will try using it next time when there are more pics to post.. :)


At 12:46 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

Wow very encouraging to hear that ur uncle going for church camp... Wa u r really do ur homework sia... Hairdryer also check...


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