Sunday, June 12, 2005

Back at last...sick but good...

Just got back this afternoon... it was a good week :) Can't say that it didn't feel like a week cos' looking back, there was much learnt, seen and done.. :D
Enjoyed the camp much, one of the best ever... I guess it's really important to go with an expectant heart, hoping to hear from God and wanting to grow closer to Him.. :)
The sermons were power-packed.. many topics covered.. Faith, allowing God to enlarge us, the anointing, the harvest, the blood of Jesus and the glory of God.. Some things serve as clear reminders, things that are already known but if no action taken, there will just remain as head knowledge and probably die off soon...

Three things that spoke to me most from the sermons..
- the anointing : that when God calls us, He will definitely empower us with the ability and the strength to face it..
- the harvest : the harvest is HERE, pray that God will send us into the harvest rather than for the harvest.. to tell Him, here I am, send me..
- the glory of God : for the glory of God upon us will impact those around us greatly, that we will arise and shine for Him in wherever we are and whatever we do..
The word spoken was also timely - the outpouring of new life.. and that as we raise up in faith, God will equip and empower us.. Just fits into what I have felt strongly the past months - the areas in my life which I need to put God first and the area of ministry as well.. Quite amazing how God speaks... :)

Also must thank God for what God is doing in my aunt (dad's youngest bro's wife).. She came from Shenzhen on holiday, got saved a week before camp. decided to join camp and was baptised during camp.. :) Never really spoke to her much cos' they reside in Shenzhen.. but after chatting with her during camp, I am amazed by her openness and desire to want to know God more... Btw, she only 2 years older than me.. so I never really call her auntie, quite strange lah... :P

Yup yup, other than the fact that I'm still feeling quite sick (flu) and on MC tomo, I feel in my heart that this is just the start of something exciting... Like what Rev Ian Peters said, it's just a glimpse of what God is beginning to do.. :)

Btw, camp part II in KL was also good.. lots of eating.. some shopping.. more guitar playing sessions.. :D Best part, food and stuff are cheap after conversion... downside, very crowded cos' it's the weekend.. Thank God I didn't feel that sick yesterday... still managed to eat and shop abit... :PP !!


At 11:54 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

Alamak sick liao.... You better take care then.... Remember to post those pics when u recover.... hehehehe...

At 11:05 am, Blogger gwen said...

Never take many pics leh... Really... :( Either no time, forgot or wanted to wait for everyone to be around but never got there... :P

At 7:36 pm, Blogger Patrick said...



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